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End of Support (EoS) for CloudCache Server
End of Support (EoS) for CloudCache Server
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Druva will stop support for the CloudCache Server for Endpoint backup on June 30, 2024. This article explains why Druva is deprecating this feature and the actions to be taken by Endpoints administrators to continue backing up end-user data.

Q. What is Druva deprecating?

Druva will soon stop supporting the CloudCache Server. As a result, administrators who have enabled this functionality cannot backup/restore data through the CloudCache Server.

Q. Why is Druva deprecating this feature?

The feature was initially introduced due to the presence of networks with varying levels of latency over the past decade.

High-bandwidth networks have evolved into established infrastructures over the past few years and have been widely adopted by most organizations. The same applies to remote users. As a result, there is less of a requirement for CloudCache Server for initial data migration or storage.

Q. To whom is this applicable?

inSync customers who use CloudCache Server as temporary backup.

Q. What will be the impact on user devices?

Any Endpoint device backing up through CloudCache Server must be reconfigured to ensure data backup/restore through Druva Cloud.

Q What action should be taken to ensure the user data backup?

Decommission the active CloudCache Servers from the Admin console. By doing this, the users get unmapped automatically from the CloudCache Server, and CloudCache Server data is seeded to Druva Cloud.

Once the seeding is done, the CloudCache Server will disappear automatically from the Admin console.

For detailed steps, see Decommission inSync CloudCache Server.

πŸ“ Note

The CloudCache Server must be connected to the cloud during decommissioning.

If the decommissioning is unsuccessful, it may result in restore issues in the future as all required data is not seeded to the cloud.

Q. Will Druva replace this feature with a similar feature now or in the future?

No. The high-level network Infrastructure opted by most organizations makes this feature redundant.

Q. Will the backup and restore behavior change with the EOS?

No, the workflow remains the same.

Q. What should I do if the CloudCache Server is no longer physically available?

Contact support for further actions.

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