Delete snapshots
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As an administrator, you can delete snapshots of the user devices managed in inSync to manage the storage space of a user. However, deleting a snapshot disables your ability to restore user's point in time data. You can delete maximum 20 snapshots at a time.

πŸ“ Note

  • The most recent snapshot of a device cannot be deleted as long as the User/Device exists in the inSync Management Console, regardless the User/Device is marked as inactive or disabled.

  • Snapshots in the data-locked user profile cannot be deleted.


To view and delete the snapshot on a user device or their Cloud App account,

  1. On the Endpoints console, click Users.

  2. Click on a user's Name whose snapshots you want to view.

  3. On the user details page, click the Backups tab.

  4. Select the Datasource for which you want to view the snapshot details.

  5. Under the Snapshot area, all the snapshots are listed along with the details.

πŸ’‘ Tip

If displayed, hover over the icons beside the snapshot to learn more about that particular snapshot.

  1. Select the snapshot(s) that you want to delete and click Delete Snapshot.

  2. On the confirmation box that appears. Specify the reason for deletion (10-150 characters). This capability will help prevent accidental deletions. The reason for deletion will be captured in the Admin Audit Trails.

πŸ“ Note

  • If you have the Rollback recovery enabled, you can recover the deleted snapshot(s) within a configurable rollback window. After the rollback window expires, the snapshot(s) will be deleted permanently. See Rollback Actions for details.To use Rollback Actions, you need the Security Essentials license. Contact Support to obtain the license.

  • If the Ransomware Recovery service is enabled for your organization and administrators have created a Curated Snapshot for endpoints, ​​​​​​the snapshots used for creating a Curated Snapshot are indicated with theClipboard effedfafbaicon. Such snapshots cannot be deleted. To delete them, you must delete the Curated Snapshot first and thendelete these snapshots. For information about how to delete the Curated Snapshot see Curated Snapshot.

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