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Create a CloudCache Server mapping
Create a CloudCache Server mapping
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The CloudCache mapping wizard enables you to create a mapping policy that defines the filters to identify users, and the inSync CloudCache Server that the users should be mapped to after they are created in inSync.

πŸ“ Note
​ Submit a request to Support to enable this feature.


To create a CloudCache mapping

  1. On the inSync Management Console menu bar, click Settingwheel > CloudCache Servers.

  2. Select the Mappings tab.
    Configured CloudCache mappings, if any, are displayed on the page.

  3. Click Create New. The Create New Mapping wizard appears.

  4. Under AD Configuration, provide the appropriate information for each field.

    create new mapping 2.png
    • Name:Type a name for this CloudCache mapping.

    • AD server:Select the AD server name with which you want to associate this mapping.

    • Base DN:Type the LDAP Distinguished Name of the Base DN.


    • Organizational unit:

      Type the LDAP Distinguished Name of the organizational unit. Leave the field blank, if you want to include all organizational units.

    • AD group:

      Do one of the following to select users,

      • Type the LDAP Distinguished Name of the AD group that directly contains users.

      • Leave the field blank, if you want to select all users.

      πŸ“ Note

      • Nested primary groups are not supported.

      • If you want to import users from groups that are outside the local domain, the group must be a universal group.


    • CloudCache:Select the CloudCache Server that the inSync users should be associated with after they are created.

    • Back up to Cloud if inSync CloudCache Server is full: (Optional) Select this check box if you want to allow data backup directly to inSync Cloud, if the inSync CloudCache Server is out of required storage space.

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