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Create and manage profiles
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A Profile refers to a collection of settings that are utilized to manage a group of user accounts. If you are an administrator, you may need to establish inSync accounts for individuals who work in diverse departments and roles within your company, and these users may have various types of data that require safeguarding across different data sources.

Using a profile can be highly beneficial as it enables you to establish standard backup configuration settings that can be automatically applied to all users who belong to that specific profile. This makes it easier for you to create user accounts in the future, as you can simply assign a profile to ensure that data protection requirements are consistent across multiple users throughout your organization.

Using profiles, you can manage the following properties:


User Abilities


  • Data sources - SaaS Apps & Devices

  • User quota

  • Backup folders

  • Backup schedule

  • Bandwidth consumed and CPU utilized during backup

  • Data retention policy

  • Add devices

  • Define the backup folders

  • Define the backup schedule

  • Modify the bandwidth consumed and CPU priority for backups

  • Pause backups

  • Stop administrators from accessing user data

  • Maximum users that a profile can have

  • Maximum number of devices per user

  • User login through Active Directory

  • inSync system tray icon and desktop notifications

  • Data loss prevention policies

  • Auto-delete inactive devices

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